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Frequently asked questions

How can counselling help me?2022-05-19T13:03:36+00:00

Talking to the right counsellor for you can change how you feel and the decisions you make about your life. While no counsellor can guarantee that you will feel better, a therapeutic relationship with the right counsellor can achieve remarkable results. Often we demonstrate this by performing a questionnaire at the start and end of therapy, in order to see in black and white what has changed.

Will I need to delve into my childhood?2023-03-28T10:22:07+00:00

A common concern I have heard is that therapists tend to link everything to childhood and ask people to open up about their early lives. There is no coercion in therapy and I do not oblige any client to speak about anything they are not comfortable talking about. The sessions are led by you so you get a sense for what you need. Some clients have been harmed by their early lives and part of our work may be to try to repair this damage. We might help them develop a sense of self that better reflects who they really are, as distinct from who they became as a result of their childhood.

How much do the sessions cost?2023-07-01T15:38:31+00:00

Sessions last just under one hour (50-55 minutes) and the cost is £50 per session.

I conduct periodic reviews with clients to establish how they are finding the counselling sessions and to find out whether there are any changes they wish to make.

How long does counselling take?2022-05-19T13:05:30+00:00

That is essentially your decision. You can attend for as long as you think is necessary, and we can discuss when you feel you are ready to end the therapy.

If at any point I feel I am not the right counsellor to meet your needs, I will discuss this with you.

Do you give advice or recommendations?2023-03-28T10:19:56+00:00

Friends and family do this, and it isn’t always helpful! Counsellors don’t give their clients advice on how to live their lives. One reason for this is that we will never have to deal with the consequences of whatever decisions you take. I work to help you connect better with your own feelings so that you can decide what is best for you. I try to help my clients develop the confidence to cope with various outcomes in life.

Does working online mean you can accept clients from anywhere in the world?2023-03-28T10:18:38+00:00

Counsellors working in the UK are bound by certain laws applicable in this country and may need to take action to keep our clients safe in an emergency. For this reason, I do not work online with clients outside of the UK.

How do you process my data?2022-05-19T13:07:37+00:00

When you enquire about counselling with me, I send you some information which I need you to read and understand. Included is a privacy statement, which explains how I use your data. I am registered as a data controller with the Information Commissioner’s Office.

The technology I use complies with the GDPR (video conferencing platform and secure, encrypted email).

If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch and I will be glad to help.

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